We are a full service law firm located in Dayton, Ohio.  Our offices are located just outside the city of Dayton, just off of I-675 at The Greene Town Centre.  This location allows us to offer convenience to our clients, allowing close, free parking in our parking garage, unlike the city of Dayton offices.  We concentrate in the area of:

We are a litigation firm, which means we try our cases before a jury, if they are not settled.  Insurance companies and prosecutors' offices know who the litigation firms are and strongly take this into consideration when dealing with a particular attorney.  We have built a reputation as a fighting firm, and people have taken notice.  We are not here to make friends.  We are not here to be popular.  We are here to fight for our clients.  If we accept your case, you can be assured our loyalty will always lie with you and we will not stop until our goal is accomplished.  
A major complaint of other attorney's clients is that they never get to speak with their lawyer.  At the Daly Law Office you will speak with your lawyer.  That is a fact. You will not be given a secretary every time you call and told to leave a message.  You will be kept updated and speak to you lawyer immediately or at the most by the next day. We believe, there is no reason a lawyer can't return his clients' telephone calls.   We understand that your case is the most important case and we will not forget that, ever.                        
Daly Law Office